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Duality OCT -- Azriel by Satu---MWAH Duality OCT -- Azriel by Satu---MWAH
For :iconduality-oct:

Tumblr: [link]
Larger reference to her outfit: [link]
Hair reference: [link]

Name: Azriel Lovett
Age: 21
Gender: Female

History: She doesn't remember the day she first entered the orphanage. She has just always lived there. She, with some other kids, lived in a run-down house with an old caretaker, who can barely take care of herself. Since Azriel was the oldest orphan there, she was the one who had to take care of everyone so she grew up pretty quickly. When she was twelve, the orphanage caught on fire. She still have the burn marks on her legs when she tried to pull the kids out of the house but only six out of thirteen kids survived. The caretaker did not survive the fire as well so with no home and an adult to provide them with food and warmth, Azriel and the kids had to live in the streets of Accumula Village.

Those were the dreadful days. She saw the kids starving and no one was willing to help them. That's when she first begin her stealing career. It started with pickpocketing which took A LOT of practice and time to master. Then she begin to learn tricks to steal fruit and bread from the merchants. When she realized this is not enough, she begin to think of more ways to provide for herself and the kids. Week after week she does something bolder and bolder. Stealing jewels, breaking and entering, stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor. Eventually they had to skip town when the town begin to get suspicious of them but traveling wasn't hard with all the money she saved up during the course of the time.

Eventually they settled in Nacrene and bought a house for them to stay in. Over the course of the years, Azriel took in more orphan children into her house when she found out the village doesn't have an orphanage. They lived a good life for a while. Azriel stole from rich people to bring in food and warmth but soon her usual style wasn't enough. She was in a stump of finding new ways to steal without it being predictable. One day she found a small skitty she named Vanille and decided to take her in. As Vanille grew up, Azriel begin to watch the way the kitten moves. She noticed how graceful she is when she walks, how she keeps low when she's hunting, how quietly she moves and how fast she can strike. Using Vanille as inspiration, she advanced in the art of stealing and thought of new ways of breakng into a house to steal valuables but she's not the master of it yet. One day, when she was seventeen, she got caught. She managed to escape but they saw her face. They know how she looks like and she was soon wanted by the whole village. She didn't have time to say goodbye, she left town along with Vanille and never looked back.

The kids are fine though. Azriel found a nice couple to look after them before she left. She continued her stealing days and often sends home money to help support them. She sends them letters and pictures as she travel around Unova. Years later she is still a thief along with her new companions. One day she heard of the guild for thieves. It was about time she settle down in a place where there are people who are just like her.

Personality: Azriel is a very patient and responsible girl. She can be quite serious at times but she does know how to laugh and have a good time. When she's not working, she's more laid back and rather not waste energy on trivial things but when she gets a mission, she put her full focus and enegy into finishing it. If she teases you, that's how you know she likes you. She has a soft spot for kids and would put her life on the line to protect them. She would most likely treat you like a child if you are younger than her. If you anger her, she won't be afraid to show it.

When people see her now, they'll say she's lazy but what they fail to know is that she has been a caretaker for all her life and she have finally found some down time. She's not lazy, she's merely on a long, long break and rather not be disturbed.


Vanille | Skitty | Cute Charm | Female
--- She's been with Azriel since she was a kitten. They learnt everything together and they are the best team. Azriel learnt her flexibility and sneaky movements from watching Vanille sneak around. Together they make a great stealing duo whenever they go on a bounty mission. Vanille acts like a little princess and often brushes off Felix when he tries to play nice with her. Her only concern is Azriel and keeping her safe.

Nightwing | Absol | Super Luck | Male
---Azriel saved him when he was haunted by angry villagers when he was passing through a town. They believed Absols bring misfortune and chaos where it ever it went so they thought it was best to chase it out or possibly kill it before he can do any harm. They managed to hurt him, making him limp as he ran, and they could done a lot worse if Azriel didn't interfere. Because she saved his life, he felt like he's indebted to her and is now serving her as her own bodyguard.

Felix | Gengar | Levitate | Male
---As a shadow pokemon, he can take the form of any person, or pokemon, he wants. He decided to take Vanille's cat like figure and made it his own. He's a mischief guy who never take things seriously. He just wants to have fun. He loves to pull pranks of people and scare the living daylights out of someone. He usually stays by Vanille since they make the best pokemon team. It's undeniable that he holds a soft spot for the cat but bring it up and he will haunt you till you're crying for mercy.

Azriel didn't find Felix. He found her. He tried to scare her when she was on a mission to steal a jewel. When she's focused, nothing can faze her. When his scary tricks failed to scare the human girl, he begin to follow her around, promising that he will scare her some day. Eventually he just became part of her crew.
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